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Warranty claim limits?

Martyn Raybould



Buying a caravan warranty is meant to provide you peace of mind, in the event something fails or malfunctions.  Being able to make a fast claim and easy should be the default position, but what importance should the 'Warranty claim' limit be to keep that comfort?  Always read the details on key aspects of your caravan or motorhome warranty because not everything is what it looks like in some cases.  Below is an example and why its not the overall value, but the actual amount you can claim that is important.

Display on the website: 'Up to £2000 claim limit'

In the details: 'Only one claim in any year'

The Issue? The £2000 limit looks great, but if you make a claim in April for £250 floor lamination repair, you cannot claim for a more expensive issue later in the year.  And, you didn't get the benefit of your £2000 cover you have paid for


When comparing caravan warranty, there is very little that cannot be repaired for under £1000, and if you can have unlimited claims in any one year, you have real peace of mind.  Because if the cost to fully repair your caravan is £1200, you can claim the £1000 and just top up the rest.  Then if 6 months later you have a £500 claim it will be paid.


Who can repair your caravan is another important factor, will it be an experienced AWS approved workshop?  Because someone who is simply VAT registered may take a lot longer and not be so familiar with your caravan so do a poor job.  Repairing a car effectively has nothing to do with caravan water ingress, gas cooking systems or caravan electrics.

Martyn Raybould MD

Engineer Aftercare Caravan Warranty




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