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A change of voltmeter




The battery condition meter fitted in my old Avondale caravan was a simple pointer registering on a red/yellow/green scale. But twenty years on, I felt it was time for something better, so on a wet afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I decided to fit a digital volt meter. I’d previously purchased item 352627865033 from ebay.




With the electric disconnected from the van, I took out the control panel, then unplugged the mains supply together with the connectors for the fridge, water and room heaters. The control unit could then be carried away to the work bench.. The leads to the volt meter were cut so that the connector was saved, and the old meter pried out of it’s fixing hole. Masking tape was then applied to the fascia so that an enlarged hole to suit the new meter could be marked out and then cut with a jig saw..




With a bit more filing, the new volt meter snapped into place. The two leads were soldered to the old plug and the joints covered with heat shrink. Connections were remade and the unit screwed back into its position within the locker. Total time – about two hours. Total cost – less than £3.





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Nice improvement John :)


Can't resist with my effort..........


My 2012 swift caravan came with no clock and the battery condition indicator was above the caravan door and difficult to read.

I bought a couple of £2 illuminated digital 12 volt dc wonders from China to improve things.

They can be programmed with several functions.....digital clock ... temperature in centigrade ... battery voltage for example.

One I mounted centrally above the front windows and it operates as a 24hr clock...it is mounted in a matching wooden surround.

The other I mounted above the high level lockers in the living area and it displays battery voltage and the outside temperature.

The display scrolls between the two every 4 seconds........the minute temperature sensor was fed to the outside through the radio aerial fitting.

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Good decision!


We can't go either as our health insurance excludes anything Covid related, so too great a risk this winter for us I'm afraid.

We will still caravan in the UK throughout the winter but any trips will be last minute as rules may change at any time!


Stay safe.

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