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Spain - November 2019 till February 2020 - Part 6






The usual good weather had suddenly deserted us when we got a couple of days of dark skies and almost constant rain. But the forecast insisted that by Sunday the weather would be back to normal. And it was. Sunday broke without a cloud in the sky and very soon the sun was coming up. Which was just as well, because today was the date set for the Migas Festival in Torrox Pueblo – the last Sunday before Christmas Day. The Spanish are never wanting for an excuse to hold a street party, and this one commemorates times past when most country folk worked on the land, tending the vineyards, orange and olive groves. They worked from day-break to sunset with a break for siesta at mid-day. Labourers working on the large estates would be waiting to hear at mid-day the sound of a horn, traditionally blown on a conche shell. Then they would return to the estate buildings where a meal of Migas would have been prepared. The migas was served with bread and wine. It was prepared in a huge flat-bottomed pan over a wood fire.




Into the pan went olive oil, water, stale bread crumbs, garlic, any available shell fish, diced chicken, pieces of bacon and sliced sausage. Today, the migas is prepared using olive oil, flour and spices and is served with a salad. From early morning teams of volunteers get to work setting up wood fires in the car park on the edge of town. By 12.30 the teams are ready to start serving the long queues of visitors to the Festival.




Every visitor is welcome to receive a plate filled with the migas together with a side-salad.




Situated around the park are barrels of wine where visitors are free to take a cup and drink their fill.




Also in the carpark are stalls set up by various local producers of pastries, cheeses, wines, sausages, nuts and barbecued ham sandwiches and sausage rolls.








Meanwhile, in the main plaza a stage had been set up where throughout the day teams of dancers and bands put on performances with some groups continuing their performance through the main streets.

The partying goes on long into the night.


Many outfits on the site have been decorated with Christmas lights.








This blog may be seen with several more pictures HERE




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