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Spain - November 2019 till February 2020 - Part 5





Only ninety miles to do before reaching Camping Sierracillia however, I left Villsom at Seville at 9.15. I wanted to be there before lunch so that I could get out sight-seeing during the afternoon. Google maps suggested the first few miles cross-country but it showed no less than 22 junctions or roundabouts in the first nine miles.. I opted for the long way round, doing an extra six miles via the A4 up to Seville, then the ring road to the A92. Having programmed Tomtom with the GPS coordinates, the device guided me directly to the wide entrance at Camping La Sierracillia. Just inside the gates was a huge carpark – which was just as well, because there were six cars and caravans already parked there. Then I saw the queue at reception – at least twenty people waiting. I joined them. And eventually after at least thirty minutes wait, reception told me “I am sorry, we have no space. It is the Bank Holiday”. Of course! It was the 6th & 8th of December. He then told me of another site in the next village – to which I went. But even there I was asked if I had a booking, and then was turned away. Undoubtedly the reason for the popularity is that both sites are very close to Fuente de Piedra , a nature reserve with a lagoon which is a breading ground for flamingos.

So what next? I’d already heard that my pitch at El Pino was unoccupied and waiting, so probably best to drive another 75 miles and arrive early at Torrox. A quick stop for lunch then down the A45 to Malaga, then along the A7. I was there by four and gave them a surprise. A quick check on the site confirmed my usual pitch was empty, then to the cash-point to draw sufficient funds to pay for the first month. Exactly the same cost as last year. Check in completed; I drove into the site; engaged the mover and maneuvered the van into position – avoiding the trees. With water and electricity connected, not much else was done that day – other than greet old friends from previous years. Ormond, a Norwegian guy was as usual, across the road from me. Two Dutch and a German couple were on their pitches up on the next level behind me. And a French couple who are nodding acquaintances from previous years are on the pitch next to me. Other than the French neighbours on the next pitch, all the others speak excellent English.

By 9am the following morning I’d made a start unpacking the awning, pole bag and various boxes from the car. I carry a roll of thin plastic membrane 24” wide. When a five metre length is cut from it, it opens out into an under-sheet which fits nicely under the awning matting. When the matting is lifted in February, it’s relatively clean and the plastic sheet is dumped – or hopefully, recycled! I’d no sooner got that done when Willy, Paul, Rob and Alan all arrived and made short work of erecting the awning for me. How kind was that? I was certainly very grateful. A leisurely afternoon was spent on my own arranging my kitchen range, installing lighting and seating and putting up some Christmas lights.

And then, next morning, how wonderful, at 10 o’clock to roll down the front of the awning, take a coffee out with me, then sit and watch the sun come up over the hill.










Some pictures of the site at El Pino.



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14 hours ago, ivan leslie said:

Hope you enjoy your stay 😀 how busy is El Pino ?


Thank you!    El Pino is less than half full.   But it's the same each year.   There'll be an influx after the New Year.

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Thank you for the update Jon, was a bit worried as over a week since your last post. Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and a Happy , healthy New Year.

Enjoy your winter sojurn.

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17 minutes ago, lunarloopy said:

Thank you for the update Jon


Thank you!   And my best wishes to you and yours for Christmas & New Year

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And a Happy Christmas to you Martin.   Give my best wishes to Maggie also.   Off to the airport tomorrow to meet up with the girls.

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