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Mark Dalt

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Avondale renovation

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Mark dalt


She's in the doghouse!!


So, I found this group last week and haven't put my phone down all week. Joined yesterday and created my first post in the new members section (#doghouse). Thank you to everyone that commented. Your advise is very much appreciated. 


Just to clarify I'm a 42 year old man, married with 3 teenage kids stressed builder with my own business for 20 years that absolutely loves to load my newish transit custom van on Friday afternoon, wait for the wife and kids to get home from school and go and pitch up somewhere. One problem. The kids are not really kids anymore and do NOT want to come. 2 years now I haven't lived in the great outdoors even for 1 night. They are so so not bothered with me and my wife, we are embarrassing apparently lol and worst of all for them the tent has no WIFI. So without consultation or any research my wife the crazy woman, last week, brought a 1999 Avondale dart 510 5 and got the man to deliver it during the day. What the hell, I haven't even got a towbar. 1 week in and I've got the bug. Really can not wait to get back in there today to carry on. 




Went really well. All soft furnishings out. Curtains washed and ready to dye. Cushions have been shaved (quite bobbly) and ready for a deep clean. All carpets gone. Entire bathroom rip out and all gone but PLEASE NOTE - I couldn't get the swivel toilet out and very quickly decided in my head to buy a new toilet instead. Got my mint angle grinder and cut the toilet out while my wife was really really slowly looking for new one she said STOP too late. £400 for a new one. Couldn't believe what I'd done. It really only needed a deep clean but thought I could get a new one for bout £100 GRRRAHHHHGH. Sodit, didn't like it anyway too many gaps I couldn't get my hand down to clean. Wardrobes and tables and all the rest from the OS storage gone but all wood saved. Fire/heater gone but kept the airflow tubing in to bathroom and under one of the seats and vented at foot level (plans to put a central fugal fan to push dry air into bathroom controlled by a manual switch in new kitchen). Kitchen sink and taps gone. Oven gone. Both OK too but as said in my new members post my wife has also gone a bloody ordered new SMEV gas grill, taps and combined sink and hob coming on Tuesday. ***** fly door off and gone from main door to caravan. Sliding doors off and saved. Runner off and saved. Top bunk gone. Plans to build a more substantial one. 


So then it was really bare, no damp, no rot, very slightly sagged floor but wood inside and underneath in near perfect condition. Plans to 6mm ply board and laminate. So next I had a good look at the water heater. Where it was and how this works. Not connected it up yet but all looks in good order and now understand the runs. Did find a clean water filter with a faint white watermark around it on the floor under one of the seats. Plans to renew and connect up better than this one!


Electrics. Now I'm no electrition but all wiring again looks in good order. Looks like it's recently or within last couple of years had a new 12v aerial fitted. They have taken the feed from a 240v JB supply into a 12v battery charger which powers the aerial booster box. From that I have 2 line outs into caravan aerial and 12v mounted sockets and the line in from the aerial. No leaks but I think he drilled the hole with a spoon! 


There endeth day 1.

Pictures to follow. 



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Curtains washed and ready to dye.


If yours are similar to mine, they will have shrunk.   I washed my side curtains and they ended up about 35mm shorter.   Didn't matter too much since they just hang however, with the front ones which are fixed top and bottom, I did as the instructions tell you and got them dry cleaned.      The fixings went back into the channels ok.

The toilet is removed by undoing four screws into the floor below the holding tank.     You might like to look at my Avondale modifications here.

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