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Spain - Nov-2018 - Feb-2019 ---- 7

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Usually, I write about somewhere I’ve been, but here I'm going to write about someone I’ve met……… Or rather - I'm going to write about his hobby. It features friend, William – a guy I first met here several years ago, who with Yvonne, has been a regular visitor to El Pino for a lot of years.

Every morning William and Bentley - his dog, take a walk, down the road, along the beach and back up along the river. As they wander along the shoreline,




William picks up likely pebbles,




pockets them and takes them back to his van.

Using a masonry bit in a cordless drill, the stones are drilled, threaded on a wire and formed into figures.

Each figure William builds is created with a particular recipient in mind.

So last year, at their farewell party, Martin and Joanne, our longtime friends from Scotland, and a keen boules player were presented with a figure carrying his boules, and of course, dressed in tartan plaid and kilt.




During the party the inevitable question was asked………….. was he wearing anything under his kilt?


Another Martin who we nick-name Dutch-Martin hardly goes anywhere without his bike so this was his figure.




Another friend who is always going off to play tennis got this one




Ormond, our Norwegian friend is occupying his usual pitch across the road from me. Being from Norway he knows all about skiing. William made him his figure two years ago.




Since last year, a guitar-player has appeared in the shrubbery outside the site’s reception,




Take a closer look!




as has another figure sitting on the tree at the front of Les and Val’s bungalow.




My pebble-man, wearing the inevitable cap has been sitting in my dining room at home for the past three years.




One can’t help but wonder where next one of William’s trademark figures might appear?


Oh - and the question as to whether or not Martin’s Scotsman was dressed under his kilt? Well! See for yourself.






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Rumour has it that the figure flatters Martin.

I couldn't possibly comment.  :D

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30 minutes ago, wigandiver said:

Rumour has it that the figure flatters Martin.

I couldn't possibly comment.  :D



I should hope not. . :o

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