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Changing the 12volt lighting.

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Avondale fitted two G4 halogen lights under the overhead cupboards to light up the sink unit area and cooker. They gave a good light but they ran very hot which was possibly one of the reasons that the bulbs didn’t last very long. And they used a considerable amount of battery power compared with more modern lights. It was maybe time to replace them with LEDs. Browsing ebay I found sets of four lights. I chose these:- https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/4-X-LED-12-VOLT-SURFACE-LIGHT-CARAVAN-BOAT-MOTORHOME-BRUSHED-CHROME-WARM-WHITE/121789332702?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872. m2749. l2649

I thought that when I replaced the two G4s with the LEDs, I would add two extra ones above the window. The whole job was easily done in a morning. Unlike the G4 lights which require new bulbs from time to time, these LEDs are not replaceable but since they have a supposedly 20,000 hour life, it’s expected that they will last for a good few years. Each light also consumes only 1. 8 watts against the G4’s 10watts each. They are available in warm white or cool white. My preference is for the warm – the cool light appears very clinical.


First I disconnected the old lights. They were connected with two male/female spade connectors which are housed under a plastic cover fitted inside the cupboard. With the old light disconnected, the fitting came away by removing three screws. The bezel for the new light was fixed first with the two screws provided. The new wires passed through the bezel, through the existing hole and into the cupboard. For the two additional lights a hole was drilled in the cupboard side through which the wires would go along the shelf above the window. Again, the bezels were fixed first with the LEDs snapping into them. The wires were threaded through the hole and the three pairs of wire were grouped into negatives and positives. A male spade connector was crimped onto each group of three wires. It is essential that the polarity of each light is correct since if positive and negative are reversed, the light won’t work.


I made up a small length of matching pelmet to fix to the shelf. This enabled the new wires to be attached to the back of the pelmet, so hiding them.


To read a more detailed account of the job with more pictures go to section 17 of https://jondogoescaravanning. com/modifications-additions-to-my-rialto/






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For anyone less competent with electrics you can get LEDs that are straight replacements for the G4s

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