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A Spanish Winter 2017 - 2018 - Part Fourteen

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Time is running out! Not too many days left now. But it looked as though another beautiful day was on the cards which I thought would be good to take advantage of before I’ve got to start  heading homeward bound, so with lunch packed into my cool-box, I headed up into the hills beyond the white village of Frigiliana. My aim was to take another look at the remote hamlet of El Acebuchal. Even now it doesn’t have a surfaced approach road. A dirt road wends it way around the hill sides for four miles or so before descending into a valley where there’s a collection of houses.





The place came into being during the 17th Century since it sits alongside one of the ancient mule routes between Granada and the coast. Life would have been hard for the inhabitants but it became even more difficult when they were caught between Franco’s Guardia Civil and the guerrillas who had taken to the mountains at the end of the Spanish Civil War. The Franco authorities suspected that the villagers were supporting the rebels by providing them with food and refuge. Some of the villagers were summarily executed; others were imprisoned, and eventually, those remaining were ordered to leave their homes together with their live-stock. The roofs of the houses were pulled down so that they became uninhabitable. And the village became known as the “Pueblo el Fantasmas” – the village of ghosts. And so it remained for the next half century.

Then twenty years ago a descendant of one of the original families decided to try to rebuild his grand-parents old house.



Those premises are now the village’s bar and restaurant which has built up quite a reputation. The church has been rebuilt and it had its inaugural service in 2007.


Several other houses have been renovated and occupied, whilst others are still derelict. In fact 36 houses are now habitable – many of them as holiday lets however, besides being no metalled road, there’s also no telephone land-line, no mobile reception, no shops or ATMs.

This one took the quick way down!


To read this blog with several more photographs see my blog at https://jondogoescaravanning. com/a-spanish-winter-2017-2018/

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Hello John, good to hear from you again, we hope you are over your bad fall. We are starting our trip back on 18 th March taking much the same route back as your blog then sailing on 31st March from Santander.

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