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Ferry across the channel - The journey begins

Gypsy Souls Judy Mark and Summ


So here we are. .. The first episode. ..the crossing Poole to Cherbourg. ..

. number 1. ..always check when boon docking (no electric hook up) that your leisure battery works. ..ours didnt. ..thankyou to all all who got me candles for Christmas. .

No 2. ..parking up noone for miles around to find someone park 3 inches away from you . ..do not pull the window blind up in anger and rip it off "just to have a look" .

No 3. .emptying all your entire water out of the internal tanks under the van to create a flood then to realise the dogs water bowl is empty.

No 4. .Dont rely on your mobile phone to be an alarm clock for an early start the battery goes flat . .espcially when your parked at the very front of the check in lane with a ferry load of cars waiting to board.
You tube vloggers, bloggers or carry on camping??

But hey were on our holibobs. ..who cares . .join us in the next blog as we attempt to find our first campsite with the help (or not) of the new sat nav, who loves taking us through narrow french villages Im sure I heard the sat nav laughing afterwards!!  . .Hi de hi campers xx



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Bless you - thank you we are loving it so much, I will be posting alot more as Ive just found this blog page on here, as we have been asked on youtube comments if we have a blog, so I thought maybe we should so will give it a go. ... so lots more to come. ...the weather here in Denia Spain has turned poor so have plenty of time to catch up - hopefully the sun will return soon its been lovley up until few days ago. .. see ya soon Judy x

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