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Trying Our New Bailey

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Tuesday 1 March 2016. We rove to Cayton Village Caravan Park, near Scarborough, to inspect and test the caravan we bought from them back in January. Part of the sale was 2 nights free on their site, which opened on the 1st of March. There was a delay of 30 mins while the warden prepped some seasonal vans. On unpacking we found that some essentials had been left at home in the excitement - my slippers, cutlery, the hard disc with the films on for the TV. So I shot off back home and returned within the hour - on;y to discover the I had left the TV on the lawn at home! Sue then returned "to do it properly".

We found the new duvet cover from Duvaly difficult to fit, then discovered that the screws that hold the tv on its mount were missing, ah well, it was refurbished from Ebay!

Rather than cook the first night we went out to find a pub meal, the local pub steered us to a "massive" pub / restaurant at Crossgates. My streak was very rubbery but Sue enjoyed her Mexican burrito.

Sue spent a long time wandering round the camp calling the cat, eventually she arrived ready for a meal (the cat, not sue). We found the bed, with the new mattress topper from Duvaley very comfortable. but also very wam.




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On 11/08/2016 at 21:57, David P said:

You could finish it off with a computer fan grill.

The fan came with a grille, and I had fitted it when I traded in the Orion,  but it was left off for the photos / videos, to show the fan working.


It worked exceedingly well and was fairly quiet when running and any noise was swamped by the noise of the Whale heating running.


No need for it in the Pursuit, as all the heating is contained under the front o/s seat, which we don't use as a bed, but if we did, it would be under the bottom end of the bed.


Heating overnight, is only required over the winter months, so fair weather caravanners would never encounter the problem we had in the Orion.

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