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Repairs to my gas locker door.

I described on the forum how my gas locker door became damaged.    For the sake of others who might face a similar problem, here follows a description of how I dealt with the repair.     To remove the infill panel from the door frame, there are twenty or so screws to remove from the inside frame.    The panel might be reluctant to move because when it was assembled, mastic was applied to waterproof the joint.    Once I got it out I gave up on the idea of simply refacing the

It won't be Spain. Instead it's North Devon.

So that’s it!       September’s decision is confirmed        There’ll be no drive to Portsmouth next Sunday afternoon to board the Bilbao Ferry.     For the first time since 1995, it’s going to be an English winter at home.     And it will probably come as a relief to my daughters.     I know they were fearful about sitting on a plane to spend Christmas with me in Spain.   As something of a consolation, after talking with the girls, we made a ‘spur of the moment’ decision for the three


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