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www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com is proud to be the official partner to CaravanTalk for Caravan, Camper and Motorhome warranty products.  Our Blog will contain general advice and tips for owners to provide some help and insight into buying, renewing or choosing a warranty for your vehicle, whether it be from us or any other provider in the sector.

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There is safety in a recommended source 'Word of Mouth'

We have all heard the term in just about everything, Plumbing to Builder, Servicing workshop to Where to find a good Dentist.   'Word of Mouth' is probably the most important term for someone with a need and only want to use a trusted or recommended provider.  That's why Engineer Aftercare Warranty, retail Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome warranty products not only directly to owners, but by working closely with trusted sites like Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), CaravanTalk, Shield Total In

Warranty claim limits?

Buying a caravan warranty is meant to provide you peace of mind, in the event something fails or malfunctions.  Being able to make a fast claim and easy should be the default position, but what importance should the 'Warranty claim' limit be to keep that comfort?  Always read the details on key aspects of your caravan or motorhome warranty because not everything is what it looks like in some cases.  Below is an example and why its not the overall value, but the actual amount you can claim that i

Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould in Caravan warranty

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