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    • We have a sterling europa 2000, and our outside light above door doesn't work we have had a look to see how to take it off but with out joy. 
    • Looking closer the TV coax is a good shout, the cable outer sheath also appears to have writing on it as per coax. The pin also looks to be of the TV connection size compared to the jockey wheel clamp. It could always be the activation lead for the ejector seat.
    • last year we were going to the Dordogne and I loaded the car, and always have a 12 volt cool box in the boot for my insulin. I keep it in a Tupperware box for travelling and put the said box in the cool box and off we set. Waiting at Portsmouth for the overnight ferry to Caen, my wife asked if I had my insulin for the cabin, I said i had, and said the spares were in the tupperware in the cool box. to which she replied," the tupperware has pasties in, in case I need food whilst driving. Panic stations!! The insulin was still in the fridge at home! Our Son was already in the Dordogne so we texted him to say we may miss the ferry, but would see him at some point when we had sorted my insulin. Our daughter shot over to our house and got a box of both insulins i take, and said she'd send it recorded express delivery so we got on the ferry at the last minute. when we arrived at our site, our Son was waiting for us with 2 boxes of insulin which he bought over the counter at a local pharmacy without any problem at all!!! you don't get that in the UK! The insulin my daughter sent was there the next day, but postage was £60.. Another lesson learnt!
    • Flogas have a shortage of propane bottles. Is it the gas the problem?
    • After holidays in the US/Canada/Alaska in hired RVs we decided we enjoyed that type of holiday and it was time to invest in our own. But as we needed two cars, and already had one which was large enough to tow, it seemed to make sense to go for a caravan rather than a motorhome. However we were cautious at first and dipped our toe by buying privately a 2nd hand small single axle van (Compass Omega 482) with a lot of thrown in extras. Whilst a good purchase and a lovely van we soon realised we would much prefer a fixed bed and much more room. After a good bit of research we sold on and bought privately again a Elddis Super Sirocco twin axle with 'L' shaped lounge, fixed side bed and rear bathroom. Another fine van that gave good service for several years. As we approached retirement and the prospect of much longer and more frequent trips we started thinking about upgrading to a younger or even new replacement.  The only layout change we desired was single beds for convenience and comfort and having had both 'L' shape and twin sofa lounges a confirmed preference for twin sofas with central cabinet with pull-out small table. A good sized rear bathroom  remained a must. We researched endlessly looking at shows and dealers and although our van was ageing we struggled to find anything that was attractive enough to warrant what would be a significant investment. Our van seemed solidly built in comparison to the new vans we were viewing which seemed to be more style over substance. Whilst quite glitzy the modern vans somehow didn't appeal sufficiently. The only ones that did (e.g. Buccaneer) disqualified themselves through their poor payload. We wanted a twin axle which included or to which we could add a quad mover, aircon, levelling system and a fixed roof wind out awning whilst retaining a decent personal payload. It was proving a difficult task . . . until we came across the Knaus Starclass. This fulfilled all our requirements and had a more understated styling and finish we actually prefer. The standard of build also, to us anyway, seems to be in a different class.  A substantial discount tipped us over the edge, though lockdown prevented planned collection in March so we only took delivery in July. I can't say its faultless, (we are still trying to get some minor electrical gremlins sorted), but the overall quality has left me impressed and we are very satisfied. Apologies for the long post but you did ask  . . . 
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