Chris Gosling takes us to the Manchester Caravan Show for the second day of the show.

Sam North, the show director, is delighted at the success of the first day, with over 8,000 visitors they've more than doubled their previous record. Sales are also setting a new record, so we've got good hopes that this will be the start of an exciting and prosperous new caravan season.

Chris then takes a tour of the brand new Eterniti Caravans. Unfortunately, due to a delay in shipping the prototypes the caravans weren't at the show, though the to scale floor layouts give a good first impression of living space.

Phil Daniels, the owner of Eterniti Caravans explains his reason for engineering a brand new type of caravan layout with the sliding sections seen on many American caravans and motorhomes. The caravans will be manufactured in the UK once production commences, so there should be no issues with shipping or parts availability.


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