The third and final installment of Chris's caravan videos from the Excel Caravan Show, featuring a great little camper van and an interesting caravan for hobbyists, the Karrivan.

The Karrivan is an American alternative, and as shown in the video, is useful for transporting more than just yourselves and your possessions!

The tent section of the show is included in this section, including a spacious tent for £300 with a stove as an optional extra. The website is included in the video for anyone interested.

One of Chris’s favourite designs is at the core of this video, the wheel home, invented by Stephen Wheeler. It can fit 2-4 people in considerable comfort, and diesel top cooking is available with the diesel coming straight from your tank, so there is no need to carry an extra source with you. The prices start at £34,750 for anyone intrigued by the potential of this vehicle.

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