The second part of Chris' interview with Simon Howard of Bailey Caravans, using questions sourced from the Caravan Talk forum.

Chris asks whether it is possible for the Pegasus range to obtain the island bed layouts from the new Unicorn range. It's great to see how Bailey Caravans appreciates and listens to customer feedback.

Simon also explains how Bailey Caravans have worked with the University of Bath to investigate stability. By considering the position of the A frame and axle in relation to the centre of gravity they've found what they believe to be the optimum arrangement for stability.

Looking forward, Bailey Caravans' next big advancement may focus on design updates to the Alu-tech bodyshells. Another area of consideration for the manufacturer is in lightweight, more accessible and more affordable caravans. This is a trend that's starting to appear across many manufacturers as people downsize their cars and budgets to save on fuel and money.

Chris also discusses the idea of a folding Alu-tech Bailey Caravan, which sounds like an interesting proposition!

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