2013 Robert Jackson Award category

The Robert Jackson Award

The Robert Jackson Award is dedicated to the memory of Robert Jackson, a hugely respected and admired member of the Caravan Talk community who tragically passed away a few years ago.

The inaugural Caravan Talk Awards in 2012 included a category for the best contributor. This award was presented to the member, voted for independently by the Caravan Talk community, as the best forum contributor over the last year.

After being presented with the award, last year’s winner Ian Dunning started a thread on the forum with a suggestion for the award itself. In Ian’s own words:

We had a member of this Forum called Robert Jackson, forum name Rob_Jax, who was one of the most helpful, considerate and respected people on here. He was well educated and knowledgeable though he did not manifest this in any way other than to assist members.

Unfortunately Robert died suddenly a couple of years ago, in his fifties, and he has been sorely missed and was a great loss to the Forum and those who know him.

With that in mind I thought it might be a nice tribute to a gentleman to rename the Contributor of the year award in his name. I have been in touch with Admin regarding this issue and there doesn't seem to be any objection.

I was honoured to be awarded the contributor of the year title but it would be a greater honour to be the winner of the 'Robert Jackson Award.'

This idea was received with great enthusiasm and support by the members and the Caravan Talk team. After a bit of sleuthing, we managed to get in touch with Robert’s family to suggest the idea to them.

Robert’s wife very kindly gave us her permission and, shortly afterwards, Robert’s memory was honoured on Caravan Talk with the establishment of the ‘Robert Jackson Award’.

We are very proud to remember Robert’s dedication and contribution to our community in this way and are looking forward to presenting the Award to another worthy winner in 2013.

2013 Caravan Talk Awards Robert Jackson Award Winner

Lefthand Down

As any regular users of our forum will know, Lefthand Down (or LHD as he is often known) is one of the most incredibly dedicated and selfless members our community has ever had. Lefthand Down has a huge number of posts under his belt; the quantity and quality of which aptly demonstrate his dedication to the CT community and to welcoming, helping and befriending other caravanners.

As a moderator of our forum, LHD has played a vital role in keeping our community running over the years and, frankly, we're not sure where we'd be without him.

So, a huge thank you to Lefthand Down from eveyone at Caravan Talk and all those he's ever helped or encouraged (and it's a jolly long list).

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