2013 Caravan Talk Awards Best Caravan Towcar Winner

Ford Mondeo Mk IV

The Ford Mondeo in its fourth generation is widely regarded a superb vehicle for both towing a solo driving - it is generally accepted that the Mk IV Mondeo has very few weak points. It has proven to be stable and reliable towcar for many Caravan Talk members, offering great value for money and economy.

Direct feedback from voters in the 2013 Caravan Talk Awards for the Ford Mondeo Mk IV...

"It’s a responsive, reliable, economical, comfortable, very stable tow car with excellent load carrying ability."

"Excellent practicality and economy."

2013 Caravan Talk Awards Best Caravan Dealer Top 5 Finalists

As the results in the 2013 Caravan Talk Awards were very close, and because the results were calculated on a weighted basis factoring in both quantity of votes and quality scores out of 5 assigned by voters for specific areas, the remaining top 5 finalists have all been given equal ranking in our results.

The top 5 finalists are listed below in no specific order.

Land rover discovery 4

An enormously popular towcar for caravanners all over the country (and beyond), the Discovery 4 is powerful and versatile enough to handle anything but a fifth wheeler. 

Land Rover Freelander 2


A very popular Land Rover towcar, the Freelander 2 strikes a great balance between rugged power and sleek sophistication. Excellent clearance and driving position, combined with interior design and comfort, make a great all-rounder for the caravanning market.

Ford S Max

Powerful, spacious, versatile, and full of performance-enhancing technology, the S-Max is a prime example of caravanning family towcar. The various seating options can allow for a huge amount of storage space for caravanning getaways, while the PowerShift, EcoBoost and enhanced suspension play their parts in improving on-the-road performance.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb was a welcome contender in this year's Top 5 Best Towcars. Handsome design, massive storage and passenger space, with a reassuring level of quality - including that satisfying 'thunk' when you shut the door - that shows up some of the premium executive cars. Oh, and it also comes complete with a hidden umbrella in the door, a feature also found within the Rolls Royce marque.

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