Nick's No Nonsense (NNN) reviews


The thinking behind Nick’s No Nonsense reviews is to combine the capabilities available on the Internet with the clarity and competence of the best written guides. There will be a consistent format for each site review (be it video, written or both) that will become familiar over time and there will be the same balanced approach to each review. While this will be done in association with Caravan Talk, the work is all my own and the opinion totally independent, being free of any outside influence.

A key feature will be the videos accompanying each review allowing the viewer to come to an informed view about whether this is the type of site and location that will meet their needs. While any review by its nature is going to have some subjective elements, basic factual data will be at the forefront with the visual information to back this up. This is not going to be performance art or a display of dazzling video techniques, cheesy music, ego driven presenters and art house editing techniques will be absent. Instead the aim is straight forward reviews that enable you to come to your own conclusions about the site based on facts, sight and sound, in short no nonsense reviews done by a caravanner for caravanners.


There will be at most four short video themes giving people the required information.

  1. Entrance/Approach/reception – including genuine towing shots
  2. Site and facilities, views, ambience, the site basics.
  3. An interview with the wardens that will include the stats for the site, who it is best for/attracts and most positive things to do in the area. If the wardens are too shy or unable to provide this, the information normally gained through the interview will becontained in a written form.
  4. Extras – anything quirky or different about this particular site. Occasionally it may be that other campers are happy to be interviewed about their experience there.

There will also be a full written review for each site including all the key information and produced in a consistent format.

Nick also provides a lot of the higher resolution photos for banners on Caravan Talk. These are usually identified by a small NNN in a corner of the image. To enquire about purchasing a license for Nick's photos please contact us.

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