Colin Jones
Colin Jones

This page is not intended to be an autobiography  but, because we all like to know about people, it is offered to explain why we are enthusiastic about an online meeting place for caravanners who like boats and boaters who are caravan fans.

I was fortunate enough to be brought up in Swanage, amongst the longshoremen who operated pleasure boats and went fishing.  They were super tutors, insisting that boats and the sea are good playmates, but hard taskmasters. So, if you are going to do it, do it properly and safely. That remains the philosophy.

After school, my short time in the Royal Navy was chiefly concerned with being a Russian interpreter, but there was also much rushing about in boats and playing football in England, Germany and Holland.  Later, I was a lecturer at a teacher training college, then a teacher of a bizarre mixture of French and Physical Education, which I hated so much that as soon as my part-time income was adequate, I left the chalk face to become a full-time writer and photo illustrator of magazine features and books about my passions for caravans and boats.  This is still my trade.

Fast boats

The RN was Russian fast boats, and football.

This exit coincided with a twenty year period when we moved away from caravans into a rhythm  of six months ashore and six months cruising our Colvic Watson motor sailer, which took us to many exciting UK, Irish, French, Spanish, Italian and other Mediterranean places, as well as traversing the Canal du Midi eleven times and giving numerous small boat expeditions.

In 2007, we swallowed the anchor in favour of a used Bailey Ranger. Two years later, we went to a dealer day only because they were offering free coffee and hot dogs, but we came away with their ex demo Sterling Europa 520, which we still have.  The initial tow car was a LandRover Freelander, exchanged in 2011 for a Nissan xTrail, which we use for a five month annual work and play adventure, mostly on Continental lakes, with our present duo of a Tinker Star Traveller, an electric outboard motor and a canoe .

Our current work and play assets are:

Nissan and Sterling

A Nisssan xTrail and Sterling Europa 520.


ATinker Star Traveller and a Sevvylor canoe.

Along the way, we have met so many really super caravan and boat people that we hope to draw some of them together here at Caravan Talk’s Caravan And Boat.

It will be a pleasure to meet you all.

Colin and Rita Jones.

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