Alysoun Sharpe
Alysoun Sharpe

Alysoun Sharpe runs LoveVideoTours, a website featuring things to do and places to see in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, which she hopes will grow into an extensive online video library. Combining high quality video with blog posts enables visitors to have a unique sneak preview into places to visit, and sometimes discover somewhere completely new to them. 

The videos are shot and edited by Alysoun who has been working in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders for the past three years and is passionate about the heritage of the area.  By visiting places and filming she can write a balanced description of the attraction, as well as pointing out any pros or cons, and letting people know about anything that might catch them out!

Alysoun has lived in the North East all her life. She is Film and Video graduate, who also runs Shadowcat Films, a media production company specialising in making documentaries and promotional films. LoveVideoTours was born from her passion for film, and a desire to combine that with tourism and bring it all together in one place. 

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