SOLD Secure certification

When buying wheel locks you should always look to see if they’ve been accredited by SOLD Secure. This gives you peace of mind that it has been tested to a strict criteria and that it has been proved reliable against various methods of theft. This SOLD Secure certification comes in three levels; Silver, Gold and Diamond. Silver offers basic, reliable and affordable security while Gold offers a higher standard and Diamond, of which there are very few on the market, provides the highest level of security.

AL-KO wheel locks

Some of the most popular wheel locks are AL-KO branded. The AL-KO Secure wheel lock range provides an excellent level of security for your caravan and has been accredited with the SOLD Secure Diamond certification. This wheel lock range features an anti-pick tumbler mechanism, a drill resistant lock and over 30,000 security combinations.

AL-KO also offer a registration service where they will be able to replace your key should you lose it.

These locks are slightly smaller and more subtle than other locks as they connect to the chassis through the wheels. The lock receiver is fitted to the wheel drum and connects through the wheel rim, protecting the wheel nuts and bolts.

AL-KO wheel locks are specific to caravan types, so choose the one that’s right for you.

The Compact kits are designed for certain caravan models from 2006 onwards where the lock receiver is pre-fitted to the wheel.

The Plus kit is designed for 2006 models onwards where the caravan does not have the lock receiver fitted but where the fixing holes are pre-punched.

The Premium kit is for retro-fitting on 2001-2005 caravan models. This retro-fitting often requires a new brake back plate to allow for the lock receiver to be fitted.

Many new caravans come with these included, however, if they don’t and you can fit it into your budget they are well worth the added security and peace of mind.

These are a good wheel lock option and many insurers will offer a discount if you have use these on your caravan but it’s worth checking first.

Other wheel locks

There are a variety of wheel locks in different shapes and sizes. Some more traditional wheel clamps can be quite lightweight making them ideal for touring while some bulkier clamps can be fitted surprisingly easily and have the added benefit of fitting larger rim sizes, covering the wheel nuts and featuring heavy duty locks. Many of these locks and clamps are quick and easy to fit and fold flat making them easy to store and transport.

Remember to check the SOLD Secure certification of wheel locks and it would also be a good idea to shop around and read reviews, ensuring you pick the right one for your caravan.

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