Bicycle insurance away from home

Ample insurance for bicycles is a common oversight. While many home insurance policies will cover your bicycle against theft as standard, that’s generally only while they’re at your home. So any loss or damage that happens while you’re out and about on them may not be insured. This is the case when you take your bike away with you on your touring caravan holiday too, and in fact your bike is not likely to be insured when you’re away, whether under your home or your touring caravan insurance. So extending your home insurance policy to cover your bike on an all risks basis, or if it’s a highly valuable and well specified bike choosing specific bicycle insurance, is highly recommended.

Transporting your bicycle – insurance issues

For transporting your bike when going away with your touring caravan, you have a number of options. Many choose exterior transport devices for bicycles, from mounting them on the roof of the car or the tow bar, or using rear mounted carrier frames. Remember to stop at regular intervals to check and tighten any fixtures and straps to avoid mishaps along the way.

You can also carry them within your caravan itself – here at Towergate Insurance our own seasoned holiday makers from the touring caravan insurance team suggest making sure you put ample covers around them and pad the wheels and pedals to restrict damage to your caravan and other contents while you’re on the move. And, of course, you need to ensure that they don’t roll around causing instability, and that they don’t adversely affect your caravan’s noseweight.

While transporting your bicycle, insurance needs careful consideration. It is worth checking your car insurance policy to make sure of any exclusions before you travel, and to find out whether theft of bikes secured onto your car can be covered.

There are also legal considerations to adhere to, whether at home or abroad, to avoid penalisation for being unsafe. If these are not followed, your insurance may become void.

• You must still be able to see properly when driving – including via your mirrors.
• You must not obscure your lights or number plate – from the back or the sides.
• You must not exceed the weight bearing limit of your car, especially bearing in mind you are already towing.
• Bikes must be well secured so that they can’t fall off or destabilise the car and won’t obtrude in a way that could cause an accident with other vehicles, property or pedestrians.

Bicycle security

Wherever you’re taking your bicycle, it’s important to ensure that you keep it as secure as possible. Insuring it under your home insurance with an all risks extension will include theft and accidental damage when in your caravan or car, but typically theft will be excluded unless the bike has been securely locked while you’re out and about. So investing in a good quality lock for use when your bike is being kept unattended in a public place is a must, especially if it comes to making a claim on your home or bicycle insurance.

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