Touring Caravan Security – Safe Storage to Beat Theft

During the summer holiday season, when most of us are regularly using our touring caravans, security and safe storage may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, ensuring our caravans are protected from theft means that we can carry on enjoying touring without the hassle and upset of dealing with break-ins, theft and vandalism.

A review of the statistics on caravan theft show that, with the help of security products and schemes, the crime isn’t as prevalent as it was a few years ago.

Here, our touring caravan insurance team takes a look at the safe storage solutions on offer for your touring caravan security and how they can help.

Touring caravan safe storage sites

Set up nearly 15 years ago to help combat caravan theft, the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) is a nationally recognised body that offers a tiered system of standards to grade caravan storage sites. Ranging from the Gold award – awarded to those member sites with the very highest standards of security, through to the Bronze award – for entry level members still offering good levels of security. CaSSOA’s aim is to reassure caravan owners that reasonable measures have been taken to protect their assets.

CaSSOA sites prove excellent in reducing caravan theft; touring caravan insurance companies will usually offer a premium discount if you choose to store your caravan at a CaSSOA site. In fact, with Towergate’s touring caravan insurance policy you can enjoy a 25% discount on your premium if you store your caravan at a CaSSOA site, of any grade, for more than four months of the year, or a 10% discount if you store it there for less than four months of the year.

Other storage sites

When you’re looking for a storage site for your touring caravan, if a CaSSOA site is not available to suit your budget or requirements, it is worth keeping a few security essentials in mind before making your choice:

Here it’s important to look at whether there is sufficient lighting in place, to ensure there are no dark recesses that thieves could use to their advantage. Also, consider choosing a site that has a CCTV operation in place, further deterring unwanted visitors.

Check the routes into and out of the facility, and ensure that the gates are adequate and that they are kept locked. It’s also worth checking the amount of space left between each caravan, to keep fire risk to a minimum.

Try to get recommendations from other caravan owners in the area, and find out whether there have been issues at the site you’re looking into.

Safely storing your touring caravan at home

You may be fortunate enough to have sufficient storage space at home. If so, storing your touring caravan at home also needs careful thought to impede potential are our touring caravan insurance team tips for safe storage at home:

  • Store your caravan nose first, and place an obstacle in the way to deter thieves.
  • Invest in security devices such as wheel clamps and hitch locks, good quality alarms, and trackers.
  • Remove all valuable items and mark everything left inside with an anti-theft UV pen.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are securely fastened and keep curtains open to show there is nothing within to steal.

Safe storage and security devices – protecting your touring caravan and your insurance premiums

Security in your touring caravan is paramount, whether you’re away in it or if it’s in storage. Choosing good quality touring caravan insurance and selecting top of the range security measures can seem expensive, but investing in them will help to safeguard the greater investment that you have made in your caravan. Your security devices could also bring you a variety of discounts on your premiums.

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