Touring caravan security devices

Hitch locks

Taking only a moment to fit when you’re going to be leaving your caravan unattended, a hitch lock covers the towing hitch head and the fixing bolts making it practically impossible to attach your caravan to another vehicle to tow away. It is important to ensure that your hitch lock covers the hitch head and bolts completely.

If you’re planning on using your hitch lock while in transit too, it’s also important to invest in one that offers full mobility while towing. Look out for products endorsed by the Sold Secure scheme; the four main standards are Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. We recommend investing in products from the Gold and Diamond categories.

Wheel clamps and locks

Ideal for use both at home and while on tour, a wheel clamp is ideal for slightly longer stops. It is fitted to your caravan wheel while it is stationary, making it hard to roll the caravan away. Ensure you invest in a model with robust arms and hidden locks to maximise protection.

Wheel locks are very similar, fitting through the wheel and attaching to the brakes, offering additional security. These are much more time consuming to fit and remove than a hitch lock, and are therefore recommended for long stays.

Alarms and immobilisers

Working in much the same way as your home or car alarm, the alarm will sound when activated if an intruder is detected within your touring caravan. If visible, the alarm can often act as a deterrent to casual thieves, and the noise the alarm makes draws attention from all around.

Preventing your caravan from being moved without first unlocking it, the immobiliser is a bolt system that locks your caravan’s wheel to the axle.


If a thief does manage to make away with your touring caravan, trackers can help police to trace and follow your stolen property. The more sophisticated models can even tell you by text alert if your caravan has been broken into or stolen.

Security programmes

There are a number of different security schemes for touring caravan security. As well as the Sold Secure scheme mentioned above, The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS) works to record all caravans manufactured since 1992 by NCC members on a database using a unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Security devices and your touring caravan insurance

When it comes to your touring caravan insurance, security devices can attract premium discounts from many insurers. For instance, with the Towergate touring caravan insurance policy, you can benefit from a 25% discount if you invest in, and use, an Alko wheel lock. So, as well as offering you peace of mind knowing your caravan is harder to steal, you’ll also make cost savings too.

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