Ensuring your valuables are safe – security in your touring caravan

In our age of digital innovation, security in your touring caravan is extremely important where contents are concerned. As we take increasingly valuable yet portable items such as tablet computers, laptops, e-book readers and smart phones with us when we go on tour, thieves are ever more aware of the bounty they may find in our homes from home.

Our touring caravan insurance team have also been alerted that, as well as these electronic items, theft of passports while abroad is also prevalent. There was 5% increase in this crime in 2012 compared to 2011 and in the first 3 months of 2013 1 in 20 British holidaymakers had their passport stolen.

Of course, when it comes to replacing your contents, many will be covered for replacement under your touring caravan insurance policy, and your money and valuable documents may be covered with your travel insurance. However, sentimental items, including your photos and documents stored on laptops and tablets, cameras and smart phones, are irreplaceable.

With a few easy measures, the risk of theft from your caravan can be kept to a minimum; here our caravan insurance team share their top securitytips..

Top tips for security in your touring caravan when you’re out and about

For the times when you are out and about away from your caravan, keeping your valuables from the prying eyes of thieves is essential. A few good security measures and devices go a long way and can have a positive impact on your touring caravan insurance premiums too.

  • Ensure you close and lock windows, skylights and doors before you leave, and hide valuables from view, including your bigger items such as the television and stereo.

Remember, it will generally be a condition of your touring caravan insurance policy that your windows and doors are locked before you leave your caravan unattended.

  • Consider investing in a floor-anchored safe for your most valuable items, including your electronics.
  • Take portable items such as keys, cash, credit cards and passports with you in a money belt or similarly secure bag when you go out.

Your touring caravan insurance policy will probably not cover valuable documents including cash, cards and passports, so it’s also important to consider investing in quality travel insurance to ensure the hassle and cost of losing these is kept to a minimum.

  • Leave your curtains open, to ensure that it can be seen there’s nothing of any value on display. Mark your valuables with an anti-theft UV pen.
  • Invest in a quality alarm system, to alert anyone nearby if someone has broken in.
  • Take advantage of security posts and ensure you have locked your caravan to them when it is not hitched to your vehicle, to make taking the caravan itself less easy.
  • Wheel clamps and wheel locks are also a good security measure; it is generally a minimum requirement on touring caravan insurance policies to secure your caravan using a wheel clamp.

In fact, at Towergate we offer our touring caravan insurance customers a 25% discount if they use an Alko Chassis Wheel Lock.

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