Security in your motorhome – Keeping your valuables safe

Often on the road for longer periods of time than tourers, security in your motorhome takes on even greater significance, as you are likely to have many more of your valuables with you such as banking information, cash and jewellery.

If an Englishman’s home is his castle, his motorhome is his castle on wheels. As such, protecting your personal effects via a motorhome insurance policy, as well as covering your legal obligation to have adequate motor insurance, is a necessary investment. But, as with all personal belongings, sentimental items are irreplaceable, and prevention is always better than cure.

Helping you to prevent theft from your motorhome, the motorhome insurance claims team at Towergate Insurance have compiled their top tips for security in your motorhome.

Finding suitable, safe storage in your motorhome

While you will find that your motorhome has ample, and more often than not, lockable storage, our motorhome insurance team often find that these units are not as safe as you may first think. Additionally, the locks may be less than adequate should someone wish to pick or break them. It is therefore important not to assume that lockable storage will be enough to deter thieves on its own.

Instead it is worth investing in a floor-anchored safe for your most valuable items, including your electronics. We also suggest buying one that is a little larger than your current requirements – as once you’ve fixed it into place, it’s a big job to remove it – this should act as a further deterrent to thieves however, it isn’t so convenient if you find you need to change it for a bigger one!

Security in your motorhome when you’re out and about

Clearly when you’re holidaying in your motorhome you will want to get out and explore, so security in, and for, your motorhome while you’re out and about is essential.

Always remember to close and lock your windows, skylights and doors before you leave, and never leave your valuables in view, including the bulkier items such as your TV, stereo and microwave. It is also worth taking portable items such as keys, cash, credit cards and bank books with you when you go out.

Leaving your curtains fully open, so that anyone peering in can see there is nothing valuable to take is a good idea, and marking your valuables with an anti-theft UV pen, with window stickers to warn thieves that you’ve done so, is also recommended.

Anti-theft devices

There a range of anti-theft devices on the market specifically for your motorhome, ensuring that both your valuables and the motorhome itself are better protected from being stolen. When it comes to your motorhome insurance premium, with Towergate, as well as other motorhome insurance companies, fitting some security devices can bring you discounts.

In newer motorhomes an alarm and immobiliser are more often than not fitted as standard, but an alarm is a good deterrent in older motorhomes too Anyone in the area can react to the noise it makes by calling the police or security in the case of a break in. With motorhome alarm systems, the siren is usually placed under your bonnet and, when activated, the alarm will go off upon opening your motorhome door. Some systems also allow you to deactivate the internal sensors, so that you can activate your alarm while you’re sleeping too. This also means you can leave a pet inside your motorhome without fear that they will set alarm bells ringing.

Also great for ensuring your motorhome is not taken are immobilising devices such as wheel clamps, steering wheel locks and gear locks. These help to ensure that your motorhome cannot be moved without either the keys or a great deal of time and effort. Investing in a tracking device means that if your motorhome is stolen , police can stop the thieves before they go too far.

Your motorhome is there to be enjoyed and, as with everything, there is a fine balance between security in your motorhome being a source of stress and bringing you peace of mind. The advice in this guide, coupled with adequate motorhome insurance, can give you the assurance you need to relax and enjoy your holiday.

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