Securing your static caravan's windows and doors

Windows and doors are a big security focus for any home, caravan or static caravan. In this article we take a look at securing static caravan windows and doors and the measures you can take to make sure they are fit for the job – with some added benefits too!

With theft accounting for a tenth of all of the static caravan insurance claims we help you with, we know that securing your static caravan windows and doors is worth spending time and resources on. Recognising this, most manufacturers fit modern static caravans with the sort of window and door locks you’d find in a conventional home, and of course, you can have very secure double glazed units fitted into your older home too. And if you have older windows and doors, it is well worth fitting them with good quality locks to strengthen their security. Adding a motion sensor alarm to detect when someone enters your static caravan who shouldn’t have is also a good idea.

Your security is just as important while you’re in your static caravan. For your windows, stays can be a good option, allowing you to restrict the amount that they open, while also allowing for exit in an emergency. For your door, a security chain screwed directly into the back of it can also offer an extra element of protection.

Securing your static caravan windows and doors can have a positive effect on your static caravan insurance premiums too – with Towergate Insurance for instance, installing an approved motion sensor to your windows and doors can result in a discount to your premium.

Of course, even if you have installed additional measures to secure your static caravan windows and doors, these must be used correctly and always put into action when you’re not in your home. When it comes to making a theft claim on your static caravan insurance, much the same as for your house, if it has not been properly secured, your claim may be declined, so it is well worth double checking all windows and doors are locked before leaving your static caravan, and never leave a spare key nearby.

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