Your static caravan is your home away from home, and while static caravan insurance makes a big difference when something goes awry, keeping your caravan and your contents safe by preventing loss is always preferable.

Preventing theft is high on the agenda when it comes to the advice of the static caravan insurance claims team here at Towergate, and it’s not surprising. Empty for various periods throughout the year, static caravans can be a target for thieves on the prowl for valuable items such as televisions, audio and video equipment and computers. So much so that most insurers do not cover these valuable items when the caravan is left unoccupied for more than 30 days or when the site is closed down.

But it’s not just these higher risk items that thieves are targeting. Preventing theft from your static caravan should be on the agenda full time. With a poor economic climate, theft is on the rise, and our figures show 10% of all claims for static caravans relate to theft – that’s in the top five claim types - and this is backed up when you look at the statistics online too.

Here are our top tips on preventing theft from static caravans:

Protecting Your Valuables

Valuables don’t just include your TV, computer and cash and credit cards. Sentimental items need not have a great financial value but are irreplaceable if they go missing and these should be taken into account when considering our tips here too.

• Take portable items such as keys, cash, credit cards and bank books with you when you go out.
• Store bulkier valuable items such as your TV, AV equipment, microwave, etc. out of site when you’re out and about, and try to remove them altogether if you’re away for long periods of time.
• Mark all valuable items with an anti-theft UV pen – with Towergate’s static caravan insurance we send all policyholders a free DNA and anti-theft marker kit – priceless when it comes to protecting your property.

Securing Windows and Doors

Static caravans are notoriously difficult to secure effectively, and so deterring thieves before they act is essential. As well as the tips below, placing anti-theft warning signs onto your windows can help in preventing theft from static caravans - we include these within our policyholder’s anti-theft kit.

• Ensure all windows, doors and skylights are well secured and locked.
• Draw back curtains so that anyone looking in can see that valuables have been removed.
• Never leave a spare key hidden in the vicinity of your static caravan.

Anti-Theft Devices

A properly managed static caravan site will have a warden on site all year round and patrols should be in place. The Ramtech security system is a good way of preventing theft from your static caravan, with an internal sensor alarm fitted within your home to detect break ins, which is linked to the site office or the site manager’s home so that they can react if there is an incident. With Towergate’s static caravan insurance, fitting a Ramtech system will also add a 12% discount to your premium.

• Always activate your alarm system, even if leaving your home for a short time.
• Double check your system is working before leaving your static caravan.
• Invest in a bolt-in safe to store smaller valuables.

Wishing You A Happy Holiday From Our Static Caravan Insurance Team

Helping you to reduce risk, your static caravan insurance is there to help protect your leisure time as much as it is there for your assets. Taking our common sense tips into account can really help provide you with the relaxing holiday time you deserve.

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