With thousands of caravan thefts occurring every year it is important to invest in security equipment for your caravan.

Hitch locks are a basic but essential piece of caravan security equipment. Fitting over the coupling head they provide a simple yet effective method of preventing a thief from hitching up to your caravan and driving off.

The size and cost of hitch locks can vary and it’s worth checking the compatibility of a lock with your caravan. It’s not a matter of picking up any old hitch lock but getting the right one for the hitch of your van.

Features of hitch locks

As with all caravan security devices it would be a good idea to ensure your hitch lock is certified by SOLD Secure. This verifies that the hitch lock has met a high standard after thorough testing and should be recognised by insurance companies as an acceptable security precaution.

Generally hitch locks are quick and easy to fit and many can be fitted when your caravan is hitched or unhitched to a towcar. This makes it extremely useful if you’re stopping at motorway service stations where a large proportion of caravan thefts occur. You can quickly fit the hitch lock and feel safer if you have to leave your caravan unattended, though we would not recommend ever leaving it completely unattended at a service station for any period of time.

You can also buy hitch locks that cover the tow-hitch completely, like a boot. This is generally better as it prevents access to the hitch mounting bolts.

  • A caravan hitch lock.
  • The hitch lock from the other side.
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You should also look into the other features of your hitch lock. Many come with warranties and though most are pretty tough and sturdy, should there be a mechanical fault, this could come in handy.

A lot of hitch locks now come in bright colours as this often provides a visual deterrent to thieves. Should a thief still attempt to steal your caravan they will find most hitch locks extremely difficult to remove unless they’re going to spend a lot of time, making a lot of noise with seriously heavy equipment. It’s worth checking that your lock is resistant to drills. A hitch lock with SOLD Secure certification will have been tested against all common methods of theft.

Many hitch locks can be used in conjunction with a security post giving you extra security when your caravan is in storage.

Although a hitch lock will do a good job of keeping your caravan secure, if you combine it with other security devices such as wheel locks and trackers your caravan will be much better protected against potential thieves.

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