Protecting your valued investment makes choosing the right alarms for static caravans a very important consideration.

Our static caravan insurance experts are often asked for advice by customers choosing alarms for their static caravans and here they review some of the most common questions posed to them.

Alarms for static caravans – questions and answers from our static caravan insurance team

Q. Should I choose a battery powered alarm or one connected to the electricity?

A. As static caravans are often left unattended for long periods of time, and maybe kept on a park where the electricity is turned off out of season, we recommend choosing a battery powered alarm to ensure it’s always on, 24/7.

Q. Is it really important to have an alarm that’s hooked up to the park’s security?

A. Again offering you security 24/7, when you’re not there, hooking up to your holiday park’s security team is a great way of ensuring a quick and qualified response if your alarm is activated.

Q. How does the alarm hook up to the park security team?

A. We’ve found that the best solution is to choose a proven wireless based system. For instance, the Ramtech alarm offering is all based on wireless technology that has been created for the challenging outdoor environment.

Q. Can I use my alarm to protect my external equipment too?

A. Some alarm systems can include protectors for your outdoor appliances and equipment, although we would recommend that you remove portable external equipment such as bikes when you’re away for any lengthy periods.

Q. Can my alarm system help protect against fire and carbon monoxide as well as theft?

A. Some alarm systems can interface with other security devices and this is definitely recommended in terms of keeping your caravan safe and secure.

Meeting all of these requirements, Ramtech’s alarms for static caravans are a good way of preventing theft, with an internal sensor alarm to detect break ins, the option to add an external equipment protector, and for your added peace of mind they can be interfaced with other devices such as CO, gas and smoke detectors, as well as panic buttons. This is linked wirelessly to the site office or the site manager’s home so that they can react if there is an incident.

Of course, if you’re hooking up to your holiday park’s system, they will be able to advise you on the system they recommend, while with Towergate’s static caravan insurance, if you choose to fit a Ramtech system you will also benefit from a 12% discount to your premium.

Activating alarms for static caravans

Whichever system you choose, ensuring that your alarm is always activated when you’re leaving your home unattended, even if just for a short time, and double checking it’s working before you leave can help protect your home, contents and your investment.

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