Varieties of trackers

Tracking devices can be fitted to your caravan in hard to find places so it’s not obvious to potential thieves that you have one. Many proactive tracking devices can accurately pinpoint your location and relay it back to a 24 hour control centre.

Trackers may often require fitting by an accredited professional but this can normally be arranged through your dealer or tracking device supplier.

There are a variety of options when it comes to tracking devices and they vary in price according to their features. Many require a subscription fee on top of the initial purchase to maintain the service. This can often be paid monthly or in a lump sum depending on your supplier, though you’ll probably get a better discount by paying the lump sum.

Some tracking devices rely on you to alert the control centre to the theft of your caravan. They can then begin to track its movements alerting the police to its location. Other more expensive options can be linked up to your caravan alarm system, alerting the control centre when a theft is in progress. The control centre will then telephone you to verify whether it is a theft. Some tracking devices may not contact a control centre but instead send information to a registered mobile phone or similar device.

It is important to note that, although tracking devices do a good job to alert you of potential thefts and the police are good at intercepting stolen vehicles, it is often up to you to recover the caravan from where it is intercepted.

The power supply of tracking devices varies, as some will take power from your caravan battery which can be problematic if your caravan is going to be in storage for a long time. However, some trackers will alert you when the battery is running low while others are powered by their own long life batteries.

Having a proactive tracking device fitted to your caravan can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance but as always it’s worth checking with your insurer. You should also ensure your tracker can operate in other countries if you plan on caravanning abroad.

Security certification

As caravan tracking devices are a real investment it’s worth checking they are accredited with security certificates that are recognised by insurance companies. SOLD Secure gives various levels of certificates to caravan security devices that pass rigorous testing. It is recognised by most insurance companies as a leading authority on caravan security.

Thatcham Quality Accreditation is another security certification scheme, that will give you an indication of the device’s performance in real-world scenarios. The criteria for a TQA certificate normally depends on the device’s ability to run off external power or alert the owner when battery power runs low.

It’s well worth checking whether your caravan tracking device has been awarded one of these certificates.

If you’re considering investing in a tracking device for your caravan, have a good look around at the range available, comparing features and prices, reading reviews and ensuring they are certified and recognised by insurance companies. They provide an excellent level of security for your caravan meaning you have less to worry about.

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