Keeping the information you need to hand in case of a touring caravan accident
Whenever you take to the road with your touring caravan, take the right documentation with you. As well as your driving licence, you should take your touring caravan insurance certificate together with relevant contact numbers such as emergency helplines and the telephone number for the claims team.

These telephone numbers are particularly relevant and can make a real difference to the rest of your holiday. At Towergate, our ‘Select’ and ‘Choice’ touring caravan insurance policies offer RAC recovery too, so in the event of a minor incident, or if you simply need to call on the breakdown cover, you could be back on the road in a lot less time if you have the relevant contact numbers with you.

Other documentation that is useful in the event of a touring caravan accident include:

• V5
• CRiS documentation
• Passport – especially if travelling abroad
• Driving licence
• Insurance certificate and claims contact details

It is worth taking your original documents with you, while we would also advise making sure you have made copies to keep at home too.

Keeping your touring caravan insurance company in the know
If you have been in a touring caravan accident, you should let all of your relevant insurers know as soon as you can. This can be particularly beneficial both to you and to your touring caravan insurance company, as you will have the benefit of advice from trained professionals who can get things moving in the right direction for you. Your insurers will also benefit from information that is fresher, allowing them to get the picture more quickly and easily.

If your accident involved another vehicle, you will need to collect information from the driver of that vehicle as well. It is always a good idea to carry a notebook and pen in the car with you for such eventualities. Make a note of the other driver’s name, address and phone number, any insurance details that they can give you, and if you have a camera to hand, photos of the accident can prove to be very useful.

The top things we really need to know after an accident are:

• A record of the accident scene – this can include pictures or a sketch that you have made, the date, time and location and details of the driving conditions. You should also make a note of the extent of the damages to your vehicles and to any others involved.

• The other driver’s details – their name and contact details, their registration plate number, and insurance and driving licence details if they have them at hand.

• Police accident report – if the police have attended your accident, they will issue you with a report of the accident after a few days. You should have been given a record of the accident report number, as well as the police officer’s details, at the scene of the accident.

• Injury information – its best to make a list of any medical complaints you feel you have suffered immediately after your accident, and then again a few days later. It is also worth asking your doctor to verify your complaints so that your insurance company can assess the impact of your accident.

Keeping you on the road
Your touring caravan insurance is there to keep you and your touring caravan moving along – and while it can be a hassle collecting information and then relaying it to the touring caravan insurance claims team, doing so quickly can make a huge difference to the time it takes to settle your claim. At Towergate, as soon as our customers tell us of their claim, we promise to get back to them within 24 hours – giving them the peace of mind of knowing their holiday can start again as soon as possible.

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