The first of these is that it ensures that you are not breaking the law. Although some owners of a motorhome may not realise it, they are legally obliged to insure such a vehicle before taking it out on the road and failure to do so would leave them facing a penalty if caught. The penalties for using an uninsured motorhome can range from a fine to having the vehicle confiscated, but whatever penalty imposed it is unlikely that many motorhome owners would consider it to be worth the risk.

Ultimately it is the removal of risk that is perhaps the greatest single benefit of securing motorhome insurance as, although this cannot guarantee that your vehicle will not suffer damage or theft, it will at least financially compensate you in the wake of this happening. Failing to get motorhome insurance means gambling short-term savings against longer-term risk, but when you consider how easy it is for such a vehicle to be damaged or stolen, the risk does not seem particularly worth taking. Further emphasising this point is the fact that a motorhome is also likely to contain more of your possessions that an ordinary motor vehicle would, meaning that you stand to lose a great deal more than just the vehicle itself should it be either badly damaged or stolen.

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