Under these T&C’s it states that a Full Annual Service is carried out including a Damp Check. This service MUST be ONLY carried out by one of the following service agents in order of Manufacturers preference:

• The Supplying Dealer
• The Caravan Manufacturer’s Approved Workshop.
• A National Caravan Council Approved Workshop (Fixed or Mobile)

A full list of NCC Approved Workshops can be found here:

NCC Approved Workshops

Remember that the Service can be carried out by any of the above but Warranty Repairs, particularly relating the to the actual fabric of the van is the sole responsibilty of the Supplying Dealer.

There are a lot of Mobile Engineers out there, all trying to get business and some may not tell you that they are not an Approved Workshop, it is YOUR resposibilty to ensure that whoever touches your van IS an Approved Workshop.

Demand to see their Licence issued by the National Caravan Council and MUST be for the current year.

If they are not on the list in the link above, they are NOT an Approved Workshop. There is no argument or get out excuse, they either ARE or they are NOT.

Dont forget also that if you opt for a mobile instead of your supplying Dealer, and you have fabric warranty issues, dont expect the Supplying Dealer to go out of their way to accomodate you.

I use the word “Fabric” to mean the bodywork and permanent fixtures and fittings. Other items such as fridges, cookers, water heaters etc are all covered by their own warranties and many Mobile Engineers are certified by the appliance Manufacturers to effect warranty repairs without affecting the main caravan Warranty.

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