Check also that your Third Party Liability insurance covers your caravan if it becomes detached whilst moving and then causes damage to other people or vehicles.

Some insurance companies will ask if your car has been modified or varies from the manufacturers’ standard specification. It is wise therefore to tell them you have had a tow bar fitted. Insurers have been known to void policies based on unannounced tow bars as these have been considered a modification.

One of our members noticed another key point in their insurer’s terms and conditions. They showed that although they were covered for caravan towing, a maximum size of permitted caravan was stipulated and a maximum amount of cover that could be paid out was detailed. Check your policy to ensure that your caravan doesn’t exceed any limitations and that you have right amount of cover so that you will not be left out of pocket if anything does go wrong.

And finally, if an accident does occur, you need to know that you can still be mobile. If your car insurance policy provides cover for a hire car, check what type of car will be provided. If your car is damaged in an accident but your caravan is fine, you will need the right replacement car to be able to continue your holiday.

We’ve known caravanners that have been stranded because the replacement for their large 4x4s was a small hatchback, not capable of towing their caravan.

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