Checking you’re covered in any country you drive to

When it comes to taking your motorhome on holiday, crossing the channel into Europe and beyond can be a great deal of fun. From Belgium and France you have access to countries to the north, such as Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, to the west, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and to the south, including Spain and Portugal, Italy, Croatia and beyond. And when it comes to sampling culture, holidaying in a motorhome allows you to take in the local customs, food and traditions in all of the countries you are travelling through.

Of course, there is lots of planning involved before taking your motorhome on a holiday abroad, and one of the most important things to check out is whether your motorhome insurance covers you for any accidents and breakdowns you have whilst driving in foreign countries.

Motorhome insurance cover – check!

As a rule, if your policy covers you abroad, it will offer the minimum cover you need by law to use your motorhome in each country of the European Union and this is now recognised without the need for an International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card), except for in Bulgaria, Croatia, Morocco, Romania, Slovenia, Tunisia and Turkey. Of course, with any policy, loss or damage arising as a result of war, civil commotion and terrorism will generally be excluded, so carefully avoiding countries where there is political unrest is recommended.

It’s also worth checking how long you’re covered for while travelling overseas, as your motorhome insurance policy may have restrictions in place relating to the amount of time you’re abroad. If you’re planning a motorhome holiday abroad that is longer than your policy covers as standard, you’ll need to contact your motorhome insurance company to arrange an extension.

With Towergate’s motorhome insurance policy cover you’ll benefit from cover for using your motorhome in any country that is a member of the European Union for up to 186 days.

Travelling legally during motorhome holidays abroad – check!

While planning your motorhome holiday abroad it is important to make sure you stick to the legal requirements for driving in each of the countries on your way. Speed limits change from border to border, as do other obligations such as whether your lights should be on, the type of tyres in winter, and more.

The equipment you’ll need to ensure you have on board will also vary. You may need to carry up to two warning triangles, a first aid kit, a reflective jacket, spare bulbs and a nationality sticker, and in some countries, specific motorway tax may also be needed. Meeting all of these requirements may be a condition of your insurance so it’s a vital check; you can find out more in our article ‘Taking your touring caravan abroad in Europe’.

A happy holiday – check!

Wherever you choose to take your motorhome holiday abroad, the whole experience  – from planning your journey to taking to the roads – can be great fun for everyone. A suggestion from our motorhome insurance team for making the journey as enjoyable as the holiday: tie in your regular driving breaks with a checklist of things to see and do along the way, keeping you fresh and alert while also making the most of every single country you’re driving through.

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