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As well as sharing thoughts and wisdom on the forums, some Caravan Talk members also keep dedicated caravan blogs. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites...

Free blogs for Caravan Talk members

You can now create your own blog for FREE on Caravan Talk! With over 300,000 visits per month and one of the best online caravan communities you won't have to look far to find a great audience for your blog.

All Caravan Talk members can create their own caravan blog and add images, polls, twitter feeds etc!

Caravan Travels

Follow Caravan Talk moderator David Klyne as he journeys across the UK and Europe. His fantastic and detailed site contains hundreds of great high-quality photographs from his many adventures!

Contact David on Caravan Talk.

Caravan chronicles

Simon Barlow is one of the CT Authors, having written a series of helpful guides for people new to caravanning. In addition to the guides and his other blog about flying around the world he's decided to create this blog to journal his caravan activities. If his previous works are anything to go by this will be one to watch!

Contact Simon on Caravan Talk.

1965 Eriba Titan

This well-presented and detailed blog accounts Nessy's restoration and journey with a 1965 Eriba Titan. This is possibly the only one of its kind in the UK and makes for a great read.

Contact Nessy on our forums

Adventures with my Airstream

Andrew Ditton is lifelong adventurer and experienced caravan journalist. Follow him as he tours around the UK with his Airstream 532 International, visiting remote locations, reviewing new towcars, kitesurfing and enjoying life!

BOB (Bailey Orion Blog)

Ian and his wife blog about their life and times as Bailey Orion owners. In addition to all their holidays and adventures they also blog about some very handy hints and tips for the Bailey Orion 440-4.

Contact Ian on Caravan Talk.

Caravan Capers

A West Yorkshire couple and their two dogs tour across Britain with their caravan. With a Jaguar X-Type estate pulling a Fleetwood Colchester 500EB they know how to tour in comfort and style.

Contact them on Caravan Talk.

Caravan Touring in Europe

David and Marjorie explore Europe with their caravan, spending most of their time in France, Spain and Portugal. They tow a 2012  Lunar Clubman SB with their Mercedes E-Class Estate and love the outdoors and local cuisine (and wine)!

Contact David on Caravan Talk.

Europe by camper

Follow Sophie and Adam's extensive European adventures as they trek across the continent. Starting in 2008 this long running blog features an amazing wealth of content over 21,000 miles and 18 countries. Well worth a look!

Contact them on Caravan Talk.

Joys of Caravanning

Diane's blog contains a wealth of information, from her incredibly detailed blog to some great caravan tips and advice. If you want to know more about the joys of European caravanning this is a great place to start.

Contact Dianne on the forum.

The Kon-tiki Kid

In addition to blogging about his motorhome exploits, Russell also looks at accessories and equipment that are invaluable to any caravan or motorhome enthusiast. We’re glad to see his new 2012 Kontiki has been ordered and hope it arrives in time for his next adventures!

Contact Russell on Caravan Talk.

Life on the Open Road

Join Lizzie and Paul and they explore the countryside in their Land Rover and caravan. They visit sites, go on rallies and off-road in their Freelander. There are some great photos, including a few showing what a Land Rover can really do when you take it off road!

Contact Lizzie and Paul on Caravan Talk.


Follow John and Lesley, a multilingual retired couple as they trek around Europe. Their blog, Oldagetraveller, is broken down into three separate blogs, covering over 15 countries and 58 entries. Their extensive caravanning blog includes over 800 photos and is worth a read!

They commenced another twelve month trip in January 2012‚Äč and fourth blog, covering this and entitled "Adventure Before Dementia" is updated regularly.

Contact John and Lesley on Caravan Talk.

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