Top tips for buying a caravan online

Internet shopping is wonderful in many ways. We have access to a much larger selection of products from a variety of locations all across the country and even the world and with this increase in numbers comes a corresponding decrease in prices. However, buying online does have its downsides. You cannot try before you buy; you can’t go inside that caravan and see how it really feels.

Top tips on buying a caravan

There are literally thousands of caravans for sale online, but how do you know what ones are better than others? How can you distinguish the wheat from the chaff? Here are some top tips for buying a caravan online.

Buy from a reputable dealer

Although you may be enticed with low-prices and great deals, if the website looks shady, it is probably part of a shady outfit. Look for caravans that have been approved by the National Caravan Council. Furthermore, look for a variety of payment methods and online contact details via both email and landline phone.

Check for the CRiS logo

CRiS stands for Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme and it has been active since 1992. This 17-digit number is marked on every post-1992 caravan will detail the caravan’s history, whether it has ever been listed as stolen or scrapped as well as damages and financial info. For more information or to make a CRiS check visit the HPI website.

Set yourself a budget in advance

When you search for a caravan for sale online you can easily get swayed to spend just a little bit more to get this and that, but as you continue the search these small increases can escalate and before you know it you are spending far more than you envisaged. Set a realistic budget with some key points about what you want from your caravan and what facilities it should include. Your budget can be flexible to a point, but you should base it on thorough market research and not get carried away with pretty pictures and technical gadgets when find the right caravan for sale for you.

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