So What’s Available?

Blue – The One You Can’t Live Without

The Blue toilet chemical goes inside your waste tank and ensures that all the unpleasantness that lives in there (that you really don’t want to have to deal with) is broken down and easy to dispose of. It also masks any nasty smells so you don’t have to have your peaceful, restful holiday disturbed. All you have to do is pop a dosage of liquid (or a tablet – we’ll get to those later) inside your cassette tank, and let it do its job. Let your ‘biological breakdown’ friends do the nasty work for you!

Pink – The One That Keeps Your Toilet Smelling Great

The Pink toilet chemical is for your flush water tank and is designed to keep your bowl working and smelling as good as it did on the first flush. The bright pink fluid coats the bowl with a protective layer which enables an effective and smooth flush, whilst simultaneously helps to prevent limescale build up in the bowl. If you want to save some elbow grease then pop some pink in the bowl and let the hard work be done for you.

Green – The One For The Environmentally Conscious

The Green toilet chemical is very similar to the blue but is considered environmentally firnely, with less harsh chemicals. It does the same job and is still used in your waste cassette but, unlike blue, it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde. Most green chemicals have been tested for use in septic tanks, so if your camp site allows (or even asks) you to use them, you can.

The Age Old Debate: Tablets, Liquid… or the New ‘Small’ One in Town?

The debate about which type of toilet chemical can be heard in many a show, forum or leisure shop. Tablets and sachets can save you space and give you a simple, quick dose, but some people don’t like the gritty residue. Liquid gives you a choice of how much you want to use and is most people’s preference. But lookout caravan and motorhomers, there’s a new option in town…

Concentrate – The One That Saves You Weight AND Space

These little bottles might not seem like much but do not judge a book by its cover. Thetford took their brand favourites – Aqua Kem Blue and Aqua Rinse Pink – and made them more concentrated and compact, allowing you to have the same amount of dosage as a 2L but in a much smaller bottle. This means that you get all the power and dosage control of the liquid but all the weight and space saving of the tablets. Best of both cleaning worlds!

You can also rest in the knowledge that, due to the size of the concentrate, buying it is better for the environment. Why? Less packaging means less plastic waste. Also, it means that retailers can ship more of the product in one go, saving fuel and air miles. Win win for the planet.

This table helps highlight the differences in what you get with each option from the Thetford brand, so you can decide for yourself:

So you know what you need – but what brands are there?

As toilet chemicals become a necessity to the on-board toilet goer, more and more brands are starting to try their hand at making their own product. So what is out there?


Thetford make the majority of toilets and cassettes so a lot of people like to have the toilet chemical to match the cassette. Thetford chemicals have won awards for their high standard and are very well known in the industry. The new Thetford concentrated toilet chemical is a new innovation to bring Thetford’s winning formulation in a more comfpact format.


Dometic make the popular ‘Powercare Tabs’ which are a blue chemical in a pre-dosed tablet form. The whole tab is dissolvable so there is minimal packaging. Great value for money if you can get your hand on the 20 pack box.


Known and trusted mainly for their van cleaners and maintenance products, Fenwicks also have their own version of pink and blue toilet chemicals  in a citrus scent and easy-doe bottle. They also do a ‘Top and Tail’ which is one liquid that can be used for both the waste and the flush water.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a well-established British brand who make good value toilet chemicals, including the green version. You can usually find some bundle packs that including a pink, blue and often a roll of cassette-compatible dissolvable toilet paper. They also make a 2 in 1 toilet fluid.

Time To Decide Your Toilet’s Best Friend

All the chemicals made by these brands will make sure that your cassette toilet parts and components stay safe and in great working condition. It’s very important to make sure that the chemical you buy is made specifically for caravan or cassette toilets as they have all sorts of seals and parts that need specific protection.

Like most things, it’s good to ask around and do some research before purchasing. Also, ask yourself some questions to figure out what matters most to you:

Saving weight and space? –  Thetford concentrate might be best

Environmentally conscious? – Green chemical

Want Less Hassle? – Blue Diamond bundle is an easy pick-up

Whatever you decide though, toilet chemicals really are something that you can’t live without.