Hi all.

Some of you will be getting your vans ready for storage. We had a last break in Penrith and now the van is laid up for winter ( wife is good weather caravaner ). I would just like to say that it is a good idea to put some mice traps down in your van and maybe some bait stations.

When we got to Penrith I was getting the bedding out from under the seats and there were baby mice everywere so we had obviously had a mouse .We got rid of them and the wife hoovered up I said I wondered if the mother was still in the van the Wife said it would have gone.when we got back I set up 3 traps the cheap wooden ones and two bait stations.

I went to check them a few days later and the food was gone off the traps and the bait stations empty(crafty mice). I went and bought some good mouse traps and more bait stations and some bait for the traps and set them up in the van.This time when we checked there were 3 traps with mice in. I hope that is all there is but have set them up again.

I think they have been living behind the fridge they have chewed my mover aerial wire and I hope that is all they have chewed. I will take the vents out after the winter just to check for damage. So be warned get your traps down


I got the best deterent of all. 2 caravanning cats whos favourite place to sleep is in the rear bedroom. We are lucky to have space in the driveway to store our caravan and being able to check it regularly


just put in some trays of moth balls when not in use.


From my very hard experience I would: -

1. If at all possible do not put your corner steadies down as you want to minimise as many staircases for the little beauties.

2. Buy some Jeyes Fluid and spray copious quantities of it over your jockey wheel and shaft as well as your tyres and the underside of the van, the reason being that mice follow the urine trails left by other mice.

3. In your front locker at either side of the front wall going up either side of the windows you will almost certainly find some gaps, what I have always done is to scrunch up some fine mesh wire netting and force it into these gaps and then spray some expanding foam up into it.

4. Search all other areas of the floor of your caravan for small holes or gaps, on most vans you are almost certain to find a lot of them and each and every one of them is a potential entry point.

5. Make sure that all of your water pipes are empty/dry as mice and rats are known to like nibbling away at plastic pipes containing water as it would appear they can sense what is inside!

6. It is always best to remove your caravans wheels when leaving it over winter to not only stop flat spotting of the tyres and suspension compression but also to remove another staircase for the damned mice. If you do then use a pair of axle stands and stand them in some largish bowls in which you have put some old oil as this will not only stop mice but any other creepy crawly that might still be out and about.

But the main thing is to get rid of the trails of urine left by previous rodents oh and the best bait I have discovered for traps is peanut butter or peanuts squashed down so that they become mushy.

Living here at our old farm in the Dordogne, we always have a large number of rodents trying to find ways into all of our buildings at this time of year and almost always some of them will find a way in no matter how hard we try to stop them.


Don't get it on the paintwork!


Original thread: October 2011

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