Preparing your caravan's water system for a new season

Do you own a Caravan or Motorhome?

Follow this guide to preparing your leisure vehicle for the new season

Preparing your caravan's water system for a new season

Why should I follow this Guide?

Over the winter months bacteria can grow in your water system. Particles of minerals and dirt gather in joins and any undrained areas. This guide will help you check the system hasn’t suffered any frost damage over the winter and floods your van.

After following this guide change your water filter

If you have a Whale AquaSmart system change your Whale WF3000 Water Filter. If you have an in line filter in your plumbing system. Whale recommend you use WF1230 Aquasource Water Filter.

A guide to preparing your caravan's water system

Close all drain valves in your van’s water system.

Re-attach your shower head.

Ensure all taps and showers are positioned over sinks and drains.

Check condition of leisure battery, if it is below 12V please connect to mains electricity supply.

Rinse out fresh and waste water tanks with water, add a non-caustic cleaning and purifying agent.

Completely fill your fresh water tank with tap water.

Leave the Hot tap that is furthest away from the water heater fully open, close all remaining taps and showers.

Turn on isolation switch for water pump, normally found on the control panel or in a menu within the control panel’s software.

You should hear the pump running or the pressure coming from the open Hot tap.

Water will pop and splash as it comes from the Hot tap, it will take some time for a flow of water to arrive as the water heater needs to fill up first.

Once an even flow is achieved work back towards the water heater, opening the next furthest away Hot tap until all have been opened and there is a smooth water flow.

The next stage is to close all Hot water taps and open the Cold water taps in the same order as the Hot taps, beginning at the furthest away Cold tap.

When an even flow is achieved through all the taps in your van close all the taps. The pump should turn off after a few seconds as it is pressurising the system, however after this first full pressurisation it may take a little longer.

Remain in your van after the pump has stopped and inspect all the taps and shower heads for leaks (you may need to dry them down first to spot any leaks). If there is access to the underside of the taps check for water leaks.

Have you found a water leak?

If No: While checking the taps and showers you may hear the pump turn on and off a few times. If you hear this, turn on and off all the taps for 10 seconds individually to remove any trapped air from the system.

If Yes: If there is a water leak coming from the connections on the underside of the tap try to push them home or tighten them with a spanner depending on the connections. If the leak originates from a crack or an unknown source check the rest of the taps and showers before turning off the water pump. Then drain the water system as the water pressure will continue to escape through the leak and will cause water damage to your van. Contact your local dealer to rectify the leak(s).


If the pump continues to run intermittently for short bursts this can indicate a leak as pressure is being lost, follow all the water pipes and check if there is any water leaking from joints or if a pipe is burst.

Should you find a leak at a joint tighten the joint and dry up the water and wait to see if the problem persists.

If you find a burst pipe or damaged tap/shower we recommend that you contact your nearest Caravan/Motorhome dealer.

After the cleaning agent has remained in the system for the required time, purge the system by running 2 or 3 full tanks of water through the system using all taps and showers in the mixed position.

Change your filter.

Finally your system is ready for use!

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