Pitching a caravan on soft ground


I'm now into my 2nd year - and loving it !

Will continue throughout the winter - short stays 3 nights - have established some favourite sites which are all farms and all with no hard standings. I use 4 wooden blocks under my steadies, about 9 inches square and an inchish depth. Do I anything else, particularly if the ground is very soft / wet ?

I was thinking about additional / secondary blocks maybe 50% wider.

Any advice ?

Lefthand Down

Place a board under your wheels to stop them sinking in otherwise the weight may all go onto the steadies.

Check the steadies and re-adjust now and then?


Instead of carrying heavy and awkward board for under the wheels, I use Fiammia anti slip mats ... they are designed to go under the driven wheel of a car to increase grip, but are light, flexible and act as excellent "load spreaders" to stop the wheels sinking in soft ground.


Another alternative to boards and anti-slip mats, would be to buy some decent sized cheap nylon/plastic lightweight chopping boards, put one under each wheel and the corner steadies.


Thanks all.


Original thread: November 2011

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