Before setting out on the road, here are a few handy tips you should not forget:

Create a list
Going on a holiday with a caravan requires you to have a comprehensive checklist. Apart from securing the basics and your winter gear, other important items you must bring include wheel chocks, caravan jack, towing mirrors, fire extinguisher, extra coolant and oil, insulation tape and a spare fan belt.

Ensure your vehicle and caravan are safe and secured
Once you have ticked off each item on your checklist, make sure that your caravan and vehicle are both safe to be on the open road. See to it that the lights of both your vehicle and caravan are operational and that all tyres are inflated correctly. Additionally, ensure that the towing aid is fitted correctly, the locks for windows and doors work properly, as well as make sure that drawers and other loose items are secure.

Remember to have communication means
Do not forget to pack up whatever you’ll need to communicate with friends and family back at home. This includes phones, tablets and chargers, as well as a GPS navigation system to help you easily find your way.

Have an early start
If you are going on a caravan trip, it is important to always get an early start. Hitting the road before the crowds will allow you to stay away from possible traffic.

Take it easy
Travelling at high speed takes a toll on your fuel consumption especially when you are towing a caravan. Since you might be dealing with snow and wet roads, avoid driving too quickly to ensure your safety.

One last thing to keep in mind before starting your winter adventure is to make sure that you will be warm enough inside your caravan throughout your journey. Warmth & Wellbeing’s SmartWarm™ Panels are perfectly suitable for caravan use compared with conventional heating systems as they can be easily installed and instantly provide your vehicle with a warming and comfortable infrared heat. Ready to find out more? Visit their website for more information.