Tyron safety bands

Caravan wheel balancing and Tyron safety bands

Tyre safety bands work by filling the well on the wheel rim. This well is needed for the removal and replacement of tyres and the band is designed to keep the tyre on the rim should you suffer a puncture. They provide a run-flat ability, preventing the wheel from touching the road and allowing you to drive safely to a stop.

You should keep hold of the Allen key for your safety band as well as the instructions, as this will outline how to remove and replace bands when changing tyres. It’s important to follow these instructions to prevent damage to your tyres. Wheels fitted with Tyron safety bands should be marked with safety wheel identification stickers. These are usually not much more than a red dot but will be recognised by tyre fitters.

You can get Tyron safety bands fitted at most garages and some even offer a mobile service. These provide a fantastic safety feature but many recommend having your wheels rebalanced after having safety bands fitted.

Correcting wheel balance

Not all dealers or garages will balance your caravan wheels so it’s worth looking around for one that will. To do this they will generally use a machine which rotates the wheel and calculates the weight distribution. This will allow the mechanics to put a counter weight of the correct size in the correct place. This is usually very affordable and the difference it can make to the ride of your outfit is well worth it.

The counter weight will be measured in grams and though the weight may seem relatively low, at higher speeds it can exert a much greater force, having a serious effect on the shape and wear to your caravan tyres.

Some tyre manufactures advise that you should have your wheel balance checked when replacing tyres, after every 10,000 miles or after any sort of bump or collision with your wheels.

You should always seek expert opinion before making any adjustments to your caravan.