The most important part of your caravan, bar none. Caravan tyres are often forgotten or treated with indifference, but they should be the very first piece of kit that you look at when purchasing a caravan. Make sure that they are under 5 years old and are not cracked, threadbare or showing any signs of damage. Also remember to replace the spare whenever you replace the others, as this will be as old or older than the fitted tyres and may be dangerous to tow with.

Spare wheel

Check that you have one, many caravans are sold without and it could leave you stranded if you have a puncture. Many breakdown services will insist on a full-spare tyre before they even send a van out to help you, so make sure it’s on the list!

Towing mirrors

Caravan towing mirrorsFor almost every car and caravan combination towing mirrors are a legal necessity. Make sure you have tried you towing mirrors and know how to mount them.

Motor mover

Even the lightest caravans are close to 1 tonne and the heaviest are around 2 tonnes, so they can be far to heavy to move by hand. Motor movers can make it much easier to position your caravan on a pitch, at a storage site or even in the garage. However, motor movers are quite heavy and will reduce your load allowance, which needs to be considered.

Nose weight gauge

Measuring your nose weight is an important part of owning a caravan, as it has a significant affect on the stability of your outfit. A noseweight gauge is the easiest way to know that your nose weight is correct.

Torque wrench

You should always check your caravan wheel nuts are correctly torqued before setting off, especially if you have a new caravan (you should also check after 50 miles on a new caravan). A decent torque wrench will help you ensure that your wheels are fastened correctly, don’t forget to wind it down (store it at it’s zero setting) when not in use!

Tyre pressure gauge

Caravan tyres often support a much greater weight than car tyres due to being placed on the central axle. If they are under-inflated they will create more friction on the road; heating them up, increasing the wear and reducing fuel efficiency. Blowouts can be incredibly dangerous so check your tyre pressures often.

Tyre inflating pump

If your tyres are a bit under-inflated, an inflating pump is invaluable. Electric pumps can take the strain out of the job, but check that they are rated to the pressure of the caravan tyres.


Most modern caravans come with built-in stabilisers, which help assist the towcar in keeping the caravan under control. If your caravan doesn’t have one fitted see it’d be worth thinking about fitting one, as they offer a bit more security, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday.