Tourershine review

Our very own Grandpa Steve reviews Tourershine when they tackle his 2008 Swift Conqueror.

The grey sides and the white rear panel have always polished up to a lustrous shine on our 2008 Swift Conqueror, but the white front panel has never had that new look from the day we bought it in 2010.

Over the years despite washing and many hours spent polishing with various recommended compounds and resins, the front panel has defied all efforts to bring back its shine.

Having read all the testimonials I decide it was time to call in the professionals and gave Paul at Tourershine a call.

I described the issues with the front panel and Paul confirmed it was something they came across on a regular basis and was very positive it was something he could rectify, his recommendation was a single panel restoration..

The appointment was made and on the due day, at the precise time agreed, Paul pulled up.

The caravan had been pulled out into a prominent position and pre washed so Paul could see what the problem was, and be able to carry out the work.

On inspection, Paul confirmed the dullness was caused by oxidisation of the surface layer of the paint, something he would be able to remove using a machine mop (a mechanical buffing machine) and a combination of polishing compounds.

Dull caravan before Tourershine

This picture shows the original dull surface of caravan

To allow maximum access to all areas of the front panel, Paul removed the front grab handles, and tilted the front windows open to their maximum.

Handles removed, windows open - Tourershine

Paul then set about removing the offending paint surface, it is important to note that the machine mop can generate heat from friction which if localised will cause browning and potentially bubbling of the caravan surface which once done is virtually impossible to remove, so skilful use of the machine mop is required, something that is acquired after many hours of practice.

Buffing in action - Tourershine

Once all the areas had been buffed to a perfect shine, a resin polish was then applied by hand to seal the paint and retain the lustre.

Hand buffing action - Tourershine

Paul advised that the front panel (along with the rest of the caravan) should be washed with a mild shampoo, a sample bottle was left which to be fair would probably suffice for 20+ washes, and Paul recommended the caravan be protected as a minimum every 6 months with a good quality polish to maintain the shine.

From start to finish the work took approximately 90 minutes, the results speak for them selves.

The results - Tourershine

Tourershine uses a range Autoglym products which they find effective and complimentary for the surfaces found on caravans and motor homes.

Further details of the services provided by Tourershine can be found on their website,
..and they can be contacted by phone on Mobile: 07849 152411 or Office: 0116 4311326

Finale - Tourershine

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