1. Start an indoor tournament

If you are camping in the UK you have to assume that it is going to rain at some point, so being prepared is a good idea. In our family we like to play Uno, but any favourite card game or board game will do.

You can make it even more fun by having a running tournament throughout the holiday, perhaps even announcing a winner on the last day and awarding them a prize.

2. Start an outdoor tournament

This is the same idea but for days when the weather is good. Going out and about every day can get tiring, so take some outdoor games and just chill out at the campsite.

Here are some fun ideas:

• Lawn darts (see my bio below for more on these)
• Giant Jenga
• Frisbee
• Swing ball

It helps if you can find a campsite which offers some games, but taking your own is always a good idea. You could even start a big lawn darts tournament with some of your neighbours if you’re the social type.

3. Get Into The True Camping Spirit

You may not be able to light a proper camp-fire but you can probably use a barbecue to create that camping spirit. Snuggle together with blankets, toast marshmallows, sing camp-fire songs, tell ghost stories or make up your own story by contributing a sentence/word each at a time.

4. Have a cook off

Half the fun of a camping trip is having to cook with very few utensils over a temperamental open flame, but don’t use that as an excuse! It is entirely possible to cook a slap up meal with nothing but a fire and a few tins.

Challenge the older members of your family (responsible kids can help too) to a cook off and see who can create the most impressive and tasty meal. You might be surprised by the results and the challenge can often be hilarious.

5. Create Funny Nicknames Or Have A Running Theme

Create a strange or funny nickname for everyone in your camping party, you are not allowed to choose your own though! You could use favourite sayings or family traits to help you choose a corker! Try creating a theme for your holiday too, for example, everyone has to try to speak in the local accent, only to each other though, you probably don’t want to offend the locals.

6. Video diary

Remember that holidays are all about the memories, so why not make a diary to remember your trip by. This could even be done in a style that fits with your holiday theme; you could also do a Blair Witch or Big Brother style video.

Remember to talk about what you’ve done, mention all the highlights and perhaps include updates on the lawn dart tournament or who’s winning/losing at Uno!

Don’t forget that you can submit your caravan holiday journals to Caravan Talk and become a published author!

7. Plan Ahead and Prepare

Before you set off on your holiday, spend some time creating a list of activities near to your destination that can be enjoyed in various weather situations. Think what might be enjoyable for the whole family and jot down some useful information. The last thing you want is to waste precious days of your holiday not knowing what to do.

8. Just get along!

Family holidays can be stressful for some families. It’s not often you all spend so much time so close together, but it is important that you all try to relax and enjoy yourselves.

From the outset, accept that things won’t always go to plan and some parts may be hard work (like putting up the tent or an awning for instance), but if you all relax and have a laugh you will get along better and you will be able to enjoy even the most stressful parts of the trip.

About The Author

This article was written by Laura Johnson. Laura works for Crown Darts: a family run business selling unique garden games.