A waiter’s friend

For those evenings when you want to share a bottle of wine or beer with your friends and enjoy your holiday in your caravan.


For the morning after those friendly evenings, when need a cup of tea or coffee to freshen you up…

Cutlery, plates, bowls and cups

Should go without saying but many holidays have been affected by a lack of teaspoons and mugs!

Gas lighter for oven

Most modern ovens will light using internal mechanisms, but older caravan ovens may still need a spark to get them going. A proper gas oven lighter is the preferred choice, as you can light the oven from a safe distance. If it doesn’t light straight away and you smell gas immediately turn it off, ventilate the caravan a wait a while before trying again.

Loo roll

An often forgotten essential that can double as soft wadding between packed items when towing. Even if the campsite has a loo block don’t assume they’ll have this in stock.

Toilet chemicals

If your caravan has a toilet you’ll need a decent stock of toilet chemicals. Some campsites have certain ecological requirements for waste disposal and will require the use of eco toilet chemicals. Check this out before you set off on your journey as they may be more expensive to buy in the shop on the campsite.

Basic tool kit, hammer, screw driver, 12/240v tester screwdriver

A lightweight toolkit should help you get through most minor problems. Try to work out what you’ll need in advance and don’t overpack, a full toolbox is a heavy bit of kit to carry.