Keeping your Gas appliances clean and clear

It is a very sensible idea that whenever you get on site and set up to run the gas appliances for about 30 minutes, then switch over to your preferred fuel source. Gas burners, particularly in fridges and water heaters , suffer from corrosion as they are basically open to the weather via the flue.
The burner area also makes an ideal nesting place for insects, particularly Cluster Flies, and in some instances even mice.

By running the appliances on gas regularly for a while you will save the potential for very expensive repairs if a gas valve fails and will stop the build up of unwanted residents in the burner area. A rusty burner interferes with the correct flame pattern and causes the appliance to produce Carbon Monoxide in large quantities, which is not a good thing to have happen for the sake of half an hour running on gas each time we use the van.

Prevent dirt, don’t clean it

As gas burners are a critical part of the appliance they should only be touched by a qualified engineer as they are very delicate and any damage will render the appliance unsafe. They are in effect uncleanable as no mechanical item can be used on them and they are a specific size in relation to the appliance they are fitted to. Also, as most access involves removal of the appliance, the system needs leak and pressure testing on refitting.